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New ECTI-EEC Website Notice -

Thank you for your visit to our website. Please be informed that, in order to better serve you, our official website for the ECTI Transactions on EEC has now been moved to We are now in the process of migrating the content to the new website. You can continue to access this old website to search for the archives. For submissions however, please submit your manuscript at Those manuscripts already submitted to the old website after May 1, 2014 will be moved to the new website by our editorial team. You will receive a notification e-mail once the migration of your manuscript is completed. Thank you for your interest in the Transactions.

      The ECTI TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL ENG., ELECTRONICS, AND COMMUNICATIONS is published bi-annually by the Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Communications and Information Technology Association (ECTI). Contributed papers must be original that advance the state-of-the art and applications of Electronics and Communications. Both theoretical contributions (including new techniques, concepts, and analyses) and practical contributions (including system experiments and prototypes, and new applications) are encouraged. The submitted manuscript must have been copyrighted, published, or submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere, except in a conference proceedings. The manuscript text should not contain any commercial references, such as company names, university names, trademarks, commercial acronyms, or part numbers. All material not accepted will not be returned.


Editorial Board

1. Yoshikazu Miyanaga (Hokkaido University, Japan)
2. Marek Bialkowski (University of Queensland, Australia)
3. Sawasd Tantaratana (Thailand Research Fund, Thailand)
4. Nobuo Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
5. Somsak Panyakeow (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
6. H. Vincent Poor (Princeton University, USA)
7. Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul (University of Regina, Canada)
8. Yong-Ching Lim (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
9. Ryuji Kohno (Yogohama National University, Japan)
10.Wen Xun Zhang (Southeast University, China)
11.Yong-Hwan Lee(Seoul National University, Korea)
12.Koichi Ito (Chiba University, Japan)f Technology North Bangkok)